For today’s supply chain, foresight is the one true insight

Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience: The Advantages of Supply Chain Visibility, Best Practices, and Technology Integration

When volatility is the only constant, supply chain visibility is an absolute must. But in today’s complex business environment, an overview isn’t enough. You need broader and more granular insights at the item level to support a more resilient supply chain and get ahead of potential disruptions.

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About the author: Bart De Muynck is a Strategic Advisor for Mojix. He has been an industry thought leader with over 30 years of supply chain and logistics experience. Bart spent eight years as a vice president of research at Gartner and has worked for international companies, including EY, GE Capital, Penske Logistics and PepsiCo, as well as several tech companies.

  • Improved demand forecasting
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Enhanced supplier collaboration
  • Faster response to market changes
  • Cost reduction

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