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The Luxury 4.0 Operating Model – How Traceability Technology is Changing the Luxury Retail Supply Chain

Luxury retailers go to great lengths to ensure they perform well in areas like authentic value, prestigious craftsmanship, service quality, premium pricing, customer connections, and maintaining a customer perception of high quality.

New traceability systems are powering those efforts by supporting increasingly sophisticated supply chain operations from raw materials to production, quality control, shipping, and all the way to the point of sale. Download our eBook to explore how inventive uses of traceability technology have unlocked the Luxury 4.0 Operating Model across authentication, supply chain visibility and responsiveness, sustainable sourcing and ethical practices, and elite customer experience.

Business of Fashion Team; McKinsey & Company Report

Manage your luxury retail supply chain with only the finest. Download the eBook to explore new technologies, case studies and best practices.

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