Optimize in-store inventory and online fulfillment for better margins and improved customer service.


Ensure food safety, freshness, and compliance from farm to fork.


Streamline workflows, reduce waste, and track products for optimal quality control.


Maximize product utilization and locate equipment in real-time for the highest operational efficiency.

All industries struggle when there’s a lack of visibility over inventory data. With Mojix, you gain the comprehensive insights you need to make better decisions at every phase of operation.

Tools for Real-Time, Item-Level Visibility (RTILV)

  • Track inventory movement in real-time 
  • Predict and prevent stockouts
  • Optimize warehouse efficiency 
  • Ensure product quality and safety 
  • Harmonize enterprise system data
  • And more

Global Couriers

Retail Leaders

Reusable Packaged Goods

Quick Service Restaurants

Aerospace, Automotive & Defense

Sporting Goods