RFID technology, IoT solutions and software platforms from Mojix provide flexible, scalable, and secure solutions that bring visibility to the edge of your business. Minimize compliance risks, decrease energy consumption, and strengthen every aspect of your track and trace systems—from source to shelf.

Streamline processes from item receiving to the factory floor by monitoring operations in real time.

Authenticate parts, reduce shrinkage, and enable comprehensive traceability from raw materials to distribution.

Gain full visibility into manufacturing assets at rest, inventory levels, and stock movements for lean efficiencies.

Eliminate waste, reduce product recalls, avoid overproduction, and prevent material loss by capturing actionable intelligence at every step of the process.

Comply with national and global regulatory standards to safeguard your company and satisfy partners with quality products.

Vizix is the ultimate asset-tracking solution for manufacturing operations that require environmental monitoring, WIP tracking, quality control, asset management, and visibility into every intersection of their supply chain. With IoT sensors and RFID enablement, Vizix reduces product loss, increases efficiency, and optimizes production. Items at rest are located with ease with real-time asset tracking from Vizix. 

Source is a mobile app and traceability platform enabling suppliers to easily create GTINs, digitize key data elements, and monitor critical tracking events throughout the supply chain.

Mojix implements Internet of Things (IoT) asset-tracking technology to provide manufacturers with an unmatched level of supply chain transparency and control. Maiven™ by Mojix is a conversational generative AI engine that identifies real-time insights on anomalies, inventory positions, quality control issues, and more through natural language queries.

  • Secure item-level identification and serialization across suppliers
  • Easily capture origination data with the Mojix mobile app and cloud platform 
  • Harness multi-enterprise data sharing and system integrations
  • Automate reporting for regulatory compliance 
  • Use AI/ML for demand forecasting, anomaly detection, and optimization

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