ytem puts much-needed interoperable data solutions in retailers’ hands. Track serialized, individual items at every stage of their lifecycle, from raw material sourcing to final display on the shelf.

Get the full picture of every inventory item to respond quickly to events and reduce setbacks.

Funnel multiple complex technologies into one data delivery system to simplify your processes and make faster, better decisions.

Equip your stores with real-time visibility to achieve increased costs and customer satisfaction.

Harness powerful data accuracy to ensure transparent production, transportation, and compliance records.

Rebalance your items efficiently to prevent stockouts, overstocks, and revenue loss. Optimize inventory management and reduce safety stocks.

The retail industry’s shift from SKU-only to item-specific tracking has emerged out of necessity. Retailers and their suppliers don’t have the level of detailed data they need when limited to SKU-level data. Not only must retailers gain access to real-time data on each type of product in stock, but they must also know the condition and status of every item as a stand-alone unit. 

Companies that manage high-volume inventory such as electronics, premium merchandise, and sensitive foods already know the importance of real-time, item-level visibility (RTILV). Brands want to adopt item-level intelligence but need more support due to the intricacy of existing technologies. There’s simply a lack of solutions that make RTILV possible.

That’s why retailers trust ytem™ by Mojix.

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