Inventory Management Software That Delivers Real-Time, Item-Level Visibility

Optimize inventory, operations, and compliance at every intersection of your supply chain

Mojix provides enterprise SaaS solutions that automate and digitize inventory operations for the Luxury, Retail, Food, and Industrial markets. We help our clients optimize business performance, improve the customer experience, and improve their cost to serve.

Real-Time, Item-Level Visibility and End-to-End Traceability

Collect, Store, and Analyze Event-Based, Item-Level Data

Enable Operational Intelligence & Improved Efficiency

Safe, Secure, SOC2 Type 2 Certified Cloud-Based Platform

Accurate, item-level insights that empower you to make precise, data-driven decisions that streamline the entire inventory lifecycle shouldn’t be an out-of-reach luxury. From source to shelf and farm to fork, we harmonize critical data across the enterprise to simplify modern supply chains.

Gain total inventory visibility so your business has all the right items in place at the right time to prevent cost-draining stockouts and overstocks.

Minimize employees’ time spent in the stockroom and decrease your labor costs. Let them focus on customer satisfaction and increasing sales.

Capture multi-source business data through one agnostic, integrative system. Then, unlock smarter, data-powered decisions with AI tools and analytics from Mojix.

Ensure strict compliance with item-level visibility at every event in the chain. Navigate recalls and reporting with ease—ensuring as little waste as possible.

Deepen brand trust by capturing critical event data at every intersection of your supply chain to provide a digital product passport at an item level.

When brands have real-time visibility of their inventory at rest and in motion, they deliver on their promises to their customers, profitably. Automated, item-level data capture gives you a 360-degree traceability solution.

Our Real-Time, Item-Level Visibility (RTILV) solutions are leading today’s top industries smoothly through the global supply chain. Whether you leverage one of our RFID partners, or any other serialized data, Mojix can harmonize your data to give you clear visibility into your items in motion and while at rest.


There’s no time for stockouts, overstock, and poor inventory management throughout the retail value chain. 

Gain real-time visibility into every item while in motion and at rest to address inefficient operations, product shrinkage, and compliance concerns. 

Food & Restaurant

Food and restaurant businesses play an integral role in ensuring product quality and safety for customers. They also need technologies that adapt to supply chain disruptions.

Stay up-to-speed with every item at every phase: origin, production, handling, storage, and delivery. Reduce waste, ensure compliance, and take instant action when faced with food safety concerns along the supply chain. Mojix helps you handle FSMA 204 compliance with ease.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Lack of real-time data in manufacturing leads to major delays throughout the supply chain, impacting everyone from raw material suppliers to the end user.

Industrial suppliers/producers need traceability that’s powerful, precise, and secure. With so many liabilities and moving parts, real-time visibility insights are the bare minimum.

Optimize industrial planning, production, and overall efficiency with RTILV software for even the most complex workflows.

Achieve accurate inventory management, reduce labor costs, and increase the longevity of equipment with minimal production errors. 


Technical partnerships add value to the supply chain services Mojix offers so customers receive best-in-class, market-proof platforms.

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Services & Systems

Service partners are experts in system integration, operations, distribution, referrals, and industry fieldwork. With Mojix, multiple solutions work together to better serve the whole.

Data Capture

Mojix aggregates item data to deliver comprehensive business intelligence. Data Capture partners provide RFID tags, inlays, mobile computing devices, IoT sensors, and more to enhance outcomes for clients.

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Knowledge Leaders

Knowledge partners teach what the industry cannot—societal change, the common good, prospective analysis, and people skills. Mojix works with leaders and consultants in research organizations, academia, government, and innovation to create ethical, effective solutions for clients.

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