Restaurant Inventory Management Software to Simplify Your Food Supply Chain

Food and restaurant supply chains are now more intricate than ever. With more opportunities for global sourcing, new regulatory compliance standards, increased customer demand for transparency, and greater sustainability efforts, restaurant employees must manage an overwhelming number of critical tasks.

  • Food Preparation
  • Customer Service
  • Receiving Deliveries
  • Inventory Management
  • Food Safety Compliance
  • Menu Planning
  • Waste Management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Financial Management

The ytem™ platform by Mojix equips restaurants with precise inventory management that eliminates shortages and achieves order fulfillment across all channels. Overcome your establishment’s inventory complexities and gain accurate data to make smarter decisions, all while ensuring regulatory compliance.

With ytem™, every product data point is processed and transformed into insights that guide better business decisions. Easily access real-time reports on dashboards that empower your restaurant to increase productivity, reduce food waste, maintain profitability, and ensure FSMA 204 compliance.

The FSMA 204 Compliance Road Map: A Guide for Food Producers and Retailers

Learn what your brand needs to fulfill food traceability requirements in the circular economy.

The Mojix ytem platform for food retailers leverages serialized data to provide you with item-live traceability. Whether you prefer precise data capture via handheld scanner, RFID fixed readers, or another API, ytem harmonizes with your process to seamlessly deliver real-time information.

One Platform, 4-Level SaaS Maturity, Endless Possibilities

  • Multi-Region
  • Multi-Tenant
  • Scalable
  • Hybrid Cloud

Simplify your processes and empower your restaurant with ytem’s input-agnostic, easily integrated traceability solution.

Improve operational efficiency and order planning

Maintain the availability of stock items on the menu

Achieve more effective replenishment (avoid NOSBOS)

Increase sales and improve omnichannel margins

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