Web & Mobile Applications

Develop web and native mobile applications that help you set up and manage devices, access the data you need, and automate even your most complex processes.

Data Visualization

Turn your data into value. We ensure your data streams are processed, structured, and presented through visually appealing data visualization solutions.

Big Data Analytics

Ensure best practices with Big Data analytics so your company can collect, process, and analyze loT data—all while remaining fully compliant.

Middleware/ETL Solutions

All the devices you use should speak the same language and be able to communicate across your infrastructure securely. Harness the powerful insights you need via middleware/ETL solutions that work for and with your operation. 

Machine Learning

Uncover previously hidden insights in Big Data without any human intervention. Use the CodeRoad expertise and product knowledge to learn how to best leverage these insights.

Service Integrations

Connect your systems to the data-driven world. CodeRoad loT solutions integrate existing tech to other devices, cloud applications, web and mobile services, and more.

CodeRoad by Mojix delivers the solutions you need when you need them most so your business can stay ahead of the competition. Mojix is proud to serve many global industries:

  • Retail & Supply Chain IoT Applications & Analytics
  • Mobile Retail Payment Platforms
  • Consumer Engagement Retail Platforms
  • Consumer IoT Voice-Assisted HW/SW
  • Marketplace & Social Media Platforms
  • Connected Car & Service Experience Platforms
  • Supply Chain EDI Hub Platforms
  • Automotive Manufacturing Applications
  • Manufacturing and Logistics Applications
  • Healthcare/Pharmaceutical
  • Construction
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • QA Services

Trusted by small, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide such as:

Why Choose Nearshoring for Technology?

Companies across industries are solving talent shortages while adopting the advanced technology they need to improve operations. CodeRoad empowers businesses to find the right tech expert at the right time—without scrambling through scattered time zones, geographic regions, or financial barriers.

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Satisfied Customers

Customers give us 4.5/5 stars – attesting to the highest level of our services at all levels of engagement.

Long-Standing Partnerships

Partnership is our focus from the beginning. The Mojix team takes pride in the 5+ year retention of more than 80% of our CodeRoad clients.

Wide-Reaching Team

With a large variety of specialists including developers, designers, QA engineers, and other IT resources, we connect you with all the experts you need to implement your boldest ideas.

100% Transparency

Gain total nearshoring transparency through the Agile Scrum framework— reports, calls, and video conferences are conducted in fluent English. We grant you access to all of our task management systems so you can stay updated every step of the way.

Competitive Prices

Located in the Western Hemisphere, we provide U.S. time zone project engagement at cost-effective offshore pricing. Quality services are guaranteed.

Flexible Engagement

We provide the most suitable engagement process from staff augmentation to assigning you a dedicated team. Cooperate on a time & material or fixed price basis— or mix them all.